About Us

Judith Northup-Bennett

Consultant for travel in Slovakia and ancestral research.

I fell in love with Slovakia in my early 20s, when my mother and I were the first in our extended family to return to my grandmother’s village and her farm house on the hill under the plum trees. My mother’s aunts, uncles, and cousins warmly greeted us, and we were home. Over the years, my own children have visited and our Slovak relatives have come to the United States. The bond continues to grow and enrich us all. Each time I return, I am surprised at the intensity of my feelings for this beautiful land and these people.

Through Slovakia Heritage Tours, I want to share all that I’ve learned about Slovakia to help others interested in Slovak culture find their own ties. I think there is a persistent yearning in all of us children and grandchildren of immigrants for our countries of origin….a yearning that can only be satisfied when we rediscover our important cultural roots.  With a small group tour, either organized or personalized for a family group,  I hope to make it easier for those with an interest in Slovakia to begin their own love affair with this beautiful country and culture.

While I’ve stepped back from the responsibilities of organizing and operating the annual September Slovakia Heritage Tour, I would like to continue to share my expertise to make it easier for people to follow their own stories and begin their own love affair with this beautiful country and culture.

Peter Blazicek
Director, Best Slovakia Tours

“As a small child I traveled around Slovakia with my parents, and later, with my friends. Now I share my knowledge and experiences with others – travelers from all around the globe. My Best Slovakia Tours range from special interest tours to reconnecting people with their ancestral heritage.”

“I like leading small groups because we can be flexible and enjoy everything.  We can make the tour fun and interesting for everyone.”

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