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Lively Harvest Festivals, Folk Arts & Music, Beautiful Countryside, and Medieval Cities…

Easter in Slovakia

I’ve just returned from a wonderful wedding/Easter visit with my family in Slovakia.  In addition to reliving all the Easter traditions from my childhood, we welcomed a new baby, Mishka, born the day after Easter, and a new married couple to the family,  Stanka and Tono.  I’d like to share with you some photos of…

Read about the 2013 Tour in the Press

Here’s the article from the March 5 2014 Jednota (see p.9)… Click on the image to view it at full size. (If it’s still too small to read, click on the second image to enlarge it one more time.)

Jednota Article: “Slovakia’s Beautiful Countryside…”

Below is the text of an article about our 2011 tour, as featured in the 23 November 2011 edition of the Jednota newspaper (page 10): [see PDF of full edition] [View Jednota archives] Slovakia’s Beautiful Countryside Set the Stage for Rediscovery of Our Heritage By Judith Northup-Bennett When you go back to your heritage after a…

Why travel to Slovakia with Slovakia Heritage Tours?

We keep our tours small so that you can enjoy all the Slovakia has to offer at your own pace, on a more intimate scale than a larger tour focused on crowded tourist sites and large cities.  We’ll explore the cities as well as small towns and the countryside to piece together the unique history…

Sept. Slovakia Heritage Tour Adds Budapest Visit

New this year, our 2012 Slovakia Heritage Tour will add a day-stop in Budapest as we return from Eastern Slovakia to Bratislava.   Why go to Hungary on a Slovakia Heritage Tour?  As many of you know from your families, most of our ancestors grew up going to Hungarian schools because Slovakia was ruled for almost…

NEW FOR 2012: Our July “Two Festivals” Tour.

We’re really excited to offer a small group summer heritage tour in 2012: Two Festivals, One Heritage from Fri. June 29 to Sun. July 8. We’ll visit two of Slovakia’s top folklore festivals on the weekends, the Vychodna Folklore Festival of Dance and Music, and the Detva International Folk Festival. During the week we’ll explore…

A beautiful day in the Tatry Mountains.

We knew we were lucky when we looked out our chalet window in the morning and saw the Tatry Mountains towering above us.  We had a beautiful, blue sky, clear fall day for our gondola ascent.  While most of us explored the summit, Rudy and Peter opted to hike down stopping at the chatas(chalet) for breaks.

Welcome Dinner (Bratislava)

We began our 2011 tour with a delicious welcoming dinner at Leberfinger’s restaurant on the right bank of the Danube.

Header Image Credits

Photo credits: “Bratislava” [Alexander Vojček] ~ “Nízke Tatry Mts. (Low Tatras)” [Ján Lacika] ~ “Košice – Hlavné námestie square” [Štefan Kordoš] ~ “Folklore” [Miroslav Štalmach] ~ “Spišská Kapitula and Spišský hrad Castle (UNESCO)” [Alexander Vojček] ~

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