If you’re thinking of traveling to Slovakia, with Best Slovakia’s September tour, or on your own,  please give a call or send an email.   I’d love to talk with you about your plans.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Slovakia and traveling in Slovakia, and I’m happy to help you set up a personalized tour.   – Judy


Slovakia Heritage Tours
Judy Northup Bennett
6 Cooleyville Rd Ext
New Salem, MA 01355

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Saw your interest in winserts… and traveled with Helene in Slovikia…
    What t is the connection? Jinx Hastings, Barre, MA

  2. Hello, We are interested to know if you have people on the ground in eastern Slovakia (Presov and Torysa) areas who will lead tours. Secondly, we are hoping to find living relatives in this area with the names Kaperick and Skladani and haven’t had any success so far. Any suggestions?

    Kimberly and Jean

    1. Hi Kimberly – Sorry to be getting back to you so much later than when you wrote. Happy New Year! We had a wonderful September 2019 Slovakia Heritage Tour and I’m currently working on promoting the 2020 tour. Are you still interested in traveling to Slovakia in 2020 and finding family? I can help you with that either with a group tour or organizing a smaller group tour for your family. Please contact me at if you are interested in joining or organizing a tour for 2020. My family is from Lipany and I know the Torysa valley region very well. What are your family villages? To me, it’s the most quietly beautiful region of Slovakia. -Judy

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