NEW FOR 2012: Our July “Two Festivals” Tour.

We’re really excited to offer a small group summer heritage tour in 2012:
Two Festivals, One Heritage from Fri. June 29 to Sun. July 8. We’ll visit two of Slovakia’s top folklore festivals on the weekends, the Vychodna Folklore Festival of Dance and Music, and the Detva International Folk Festival. During the week we’ll explore Slovakia’s heartland and heritage. More to come on both festivals.

A beautiful day in the Tatry Mountains.

We knew we were lucky when we looked out our chalet window in the morning and saw the Tatry Mountains towering above us.  We had a beautiful, blue sky, clear fall day for our gondola ascent.  While most of us explored the summit, Rudy and Peter opted to hike down stopping at the chatas(chalet) for breaks.

Exploring the summit.Civilized hiking.
Our chalet at the foot of the mountains.Marsha, Ben and Janny at the top.