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Vienna Pre-tour Ideas
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Vienna Pre-tour Ideas

Vienna is a very accessible city for tourists offering a myriad of museums, historic sites, musical venues, restaurants and more…something for all interests and length of visit. Slovakia Heritage Tours doesn‘t offer a formal Vienna Pre-tour Extension because everyone has different travel schedules and plans for arriving in Vienna. However, we are happy to assist you as you plan how many days you would like to spend in this beautiful capital of the former Austrian- Hungarian Empire before the tour. We can also arrange for day trips to near-by cities and sites in Austria.

For those arriving the morning before the tour (on Thursday, September 5), we can offer some informal group tour activities to help you make the best of your day in Vienna. Some people will prefer to make their own arrangements, but for people who would like to join a small group, Judy Northup-Bennett will arrive on Thursday morning and be there to assist with tours and activities. As we see what the interests of the group are, we can finalize these activities.

We recommend the Hotel Beethoven for its central location and its welcoming accommodations. Most people arrive in Vienna ~8 am in the morning and arrive at the hotel ~10am. Even though we can’t check in to the hotel until ~2pm, the hotel makes us comfortable, and keeps our luggage secure. It’s a good time to go out and do some sightseeing in Vienna.

The Thursday small group activities could include:
Morning – Informal walking tour of the center city: or Tour of Schonbrunn Castle; or Formal City Tour with Guide; or Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour.
Afternoon – Free to rest or visit museums.
Evening – Dinner near hotel then 20 minute walk to Imperial Hall for Vienna Royal Orchestra Mozart/Strauss concert. Return walk by Vienna Opera House to see parts of opera on the big screen.

You can sign up for these small group activities just by letting Judy know that you would like to join and what your interests are. Also, please contact Judy for assistance with other Vienna Pre-tour planning.


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