Our next tour will be in
September 2023 



On our Slovakia Heritage Tours, you’ll experience the heritage of Slovakia and life today in one of the European Union’s newest members.  The art, music, crafts and deep-seated traditions of this ancient Slavic nation will come alive as you settle in to the comfortable and engaging pace of this personalized, small group tour.

While you’ll visit many lovely buildings and historic sites, the focus of these tours is connecting with the history, culture and people of Central Europe’s best-kept secret.

A short walk through the village of Spania Dolina.


With our native Slovak guide, you’ll step back in time to medieval cities and castles, as well as to the cultures and traditions of early 20th century Slovakia when many of our Slovak ancestors left their country homes for new worlds.  You’ll see what life was like in the Soviet era in contrast with today’s transition to a modern democracy.

The Tatry Mountains


Slovakia’s natural beauty will entrance you as you watch the plains of the Danube River rise to the rolling, open-sky grass lands of the Spiš region and on to the thick spruce forests of the low and high Tatry Mountains….visiting all without traveling long distances.

A lesson in making string cheese at a koliba.


There is time in the tours for you to arrange personal visits to meet family and see ancestral villages if you chose. (See options.)  We can also arrange genealogical and local town record  research before the trip to help you locate people and places from your family’s history.  We have a very good success rate for finding lost family ties.

An outdoor traditional museum.


Each trip will take you into Slovakia’s heartland as you visit small mountain villages as well as ancient walled cities all within a short distance; walk quiet mountain paths and cobblestone streets; become a part of lively folk celebrations;  and  dine in 16th century wine cellars and Soviet-era restaurants. The pace is yours to relax and observe the culture, or to immerse your self in many activities.

Spisska_kapitula_AVO_20307070110117.jpg alexander voycek

Come explore Slovakia with our small group tour  this  September,  or on your own personalized family tour,  to discover the history and traditions of an era when many of our ancestors left this beautiful landscape. Leave with a deep appreciation for the richness of the culture, the natural beauty, and the future that awaits this young vibrant nation with an age-old story to tell.

9 thoughts on “SMALL GROUP TOURS of Europe’s “LITTLE BIG COUNTRY”

  1. Hi Judy, I followed up on a lot of your travels and tours. Really a well done set up and very appealing trips. You seem to have a lot of success. Good for you.

  2. Sister of Linda Selleck who enjoyed your tour very much. Will this be the same itinerary?
    Cost for trip?
    Cost for airfare from Boston?
    Thank you
    Nancy Selleck

    1. Hi Nancy – I’m just seeing your comment now. Sorry this web site doesn’t notify me. Good to hear from Linda and Laura’s sister. Yes, this is essentially the same itinerary that we did with Linda and Laura. We had a great time. This year the tour cost is $2,340. I haven’t checked air fare this year yet but it has been way down from Boston to Europe. This past September I flew with Swiss Air for $650. I would imagine it will be a bit more than that this coming year. I have most things up-dated on the web site now. Please give me a call with any questions you might have…978-544-5144. We’re not traveling for the holidays so I’ll be pretty much around. – Judy

    1. Hi Jim – This might be a repeat message as I tried to send one. I’m not sure where that message went. The 2018 tour price is $2,340. I’d love to talk with you about your plans and give you more details about the tour. Please give me a call at 978-544-5144 or send me an email at Hope to speak with you soon.

  3. I need more information, which I am disappointed is omitted in this site. What is the cost from Chicago, which is my closest location, what is the itinerary…which I am sure has been determined for a tour that is six months from now, what information can you provide for the individual locations that will be visited….what type of menus will be served, what additional costs such as tips for guides, etc. should be anticipated besides the basic transportation and housing. Please provide an adequate amount of information that a prospective traveler would need prior to deciding whether to book this trip.

    1. Hi Sharon- I’m just seeing your comment now. As you noticed I haven’t updated our web site as there has been so much travel uncertainty since COVID hit. Our last Slovakia Heritage Tour was incredible in September 2019. We hope we will be able to offer our popular Slovakia Heritage Tour in the fall of 2019. My colleague in Slovakia is Peter Blazicek at Best Slovakia Tours. You can contact him through his web site If he doesn’t have a group tour he will be able to offer you a personalized tour. The personalized tour can be pretty reasonable. He really is the best. You can email me at and let me know about where your family is and what you’re planning. I love to talk to people about their plans. Slovakia is a beautiful country and it’s been very sad for me to not get back to see my family the past 3 years. – Judy

      1. Hi again – I just noticed that I said that our next September Heritage Tour will be in 2019. Of course, I meant 2023! Hope to hear from your about your plans, Judy

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